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Adult Vaccinations


Not only do your pets need Puppy and Kitten Care, but they also need Wellness Exams and Vaccinations in their Adult and Senior Years.

A year after your pets last Puppy or Kitten Vaccination we will start their Annual Wellness Exams.  At this point their body will start to build Immunity.  We can start distributing 3 year Vaccinations.  

- Distemper, Parvo, Adenovirus Type 1 and 2 Vaccinations - 3 Year Vaccinations
- Rabies Vaccination - 3 Year Vaccination (If pet has had Rabies Vaccination before)
- Leptospirosis Vaccination - 1 Year Vaccination


Leptospirosis is a Virus that can be transmitted to humans (Zoonotic).  Leptosoirosis is spread through the urine of infected animals and it starts attacking the Liver and Kidneys.  All it takes is your pet stepping in the area that another animal (Raccoon, Squirrel, Skunk, etc) has urinated and then licking their paw.  Or drinking a puddle of water that has been contaminated by urine.

This is why we Vaccinate for Leptospirosis yearly.


Robin Prepping Vaccines


With Felines we can also distribute 3 Year Vaccinations.  After the first set of Vaccinations for your feline friend we will start their Annual Wellness Exams.  It is very important to bring your Cat in for an Annual Exam.  

- Rhinotracheitis, Calici, and Panleukopenia Vaccinations - 3 Year Vaccination
- Rabies Vaccination - 3 Year Vaccination (If pet has had Rabies Vaccinations before)
- Leukemia Vaccination - 1 Year Vaccination

Feline Leukemia (FeLV) is the cause of more cat deaths, directly or indirectly, then any other organism.  This virus can be spread by your pet sharing a water or food bowl with a contaminated cat (Saliva).  It can also be spread through blood transmission.  This is why we Vaccinate against this virus Yearly.  Although it is not transmittable to humans, it is a very serious Feline Disease and it can be Fatal.  If you have a cat that is strictly an inside cat, and will not come in contact with any other cat, then this Vaccination is not mandatory.

If you consider bringing any other Cat into your home we highly suggest doing a Feline Leukemia/ FIV test, to confirm that they are negative and cant spread these Viruses to your pet.


Speaking of bringing new pets into your home!  There are certain tests that we highly suggest getting done.  As we said before, if youre considering bringing in a new Cat, especially if it is a stray or one you adopted from a shelter or rescue, you should get this cat tested for Feline Leukemia and FIV (Feline AIDS).  If youre bringing in a dog, you may want to test your new pet for heartworm and get them on a preventative.  We highly suggest also doing a Fecal test for both cats and dogs, as some intestinal/ internal parasites can be contagious (Giardia, Coccidia, etc.)


Vaccination wise, on a pet that we dont know the Vaccination History, we will do an Initial Vaccination, followed up by a Booster 3 weeks later.  For our K9 friends this will include:

Initial Vaccination:

- Distemper, Parvo, Adenovirus Type 1 and 2, and Lepto Vaccinations
- Rabies Vaccination

Booster Vaccination:

- Distemper, Parvo, Adenovirus Type 1 and 2, and Lepto


For our Feline friends this will include:

Initial Vaccination:

- Leukemia, Rhinotracheits, Calici, and Panleukopenia Vaccinations
- Rabies Vaccination

Booster Vaccination:

- Leukemia, Rhinotracheitis, Calici,and Panleukopenia Vaccinations

Common symptoms your pet may experience may include:
     - Mild fever
     - Decrease in social behavior
     - Diminished appetite or activity
     - Sneezing or other respiratory signs (with intranasal vaccines)
     - Discomfort or mild swelling at the injection site

Congratulations on taking an important step in protecting your pets and your family!

Indiana State Law states that every Cat and Dog is required to have an Up To Date Rabies Vaccination.


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