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Before Teeth Cleaning      Teeth Cleaning

This is before a Teeth Cleaning.  This dog was an 8 Year Old Schnauzer that had never had a Cleaning before this.  The picture on the left shows a Slab Fracture.  On the 4th tooth back from the top K9 tooth you can see where the top of the tooth is broken off from the bottom layer of the tooth

Dental Health


Did you know that your pet needs a yearly Teeth Cleaning too!?  Can you imagine never being able to brush your teeth!  Clinical Signs that your pet may need a Teeth Cleaning are:

- Bad Breath            - Bleeding from mouth
- Broken Tooth/Teeth    - Chronic Eye Infections or Draining of the Eye
- Excessive Drooling    - Chronic Sneezing
- Reluctance to eat (Dry foods)     - Discolored Teeth
- Chewing on one side of the mouth  - Abnormal Nasal Discharge
- Pawing/ Rubbing muzzle or mouth  - Mass/ Growth in the mouth

Some of the most common Dental problems we see are Fractured Teeth, Retained Teeth, Periodontal Disease, and Tooth Root Abscesses. 

During a Teeth Cleaning your pet will be sedated and intubated (we put an endotracheal tube into their trachea).  This is to help keep them anesthetized during the surgery and also it will keep them from aspirating  if they were to vomit during surgery.

There is the possibility that your pet will have teeth removed while they are getting a teeth cleaning.  We will not pull any teeth unless they absolutely need to be pulled.  The reasoning would be teeth that are "dead" or are infected already.  These teeth need to be removed to avoid abscess, disease, etc.  If your pet has any teeth that are pulled, they may also be sent home on medication.  Most of the time this is just an antibiotic that will help prevent against infection, but it can also be pain and inflammation medication if your pet had quite a few teeth that needed to be removed.

It is very important to keep your pets mouth healthy.  If your pet has infection in its mouth this can cause other issues such as Congestive Heart Failure.  If you think your pet needs a Teeth Cleaning please call out clinic and make an appointment!


After Cleaning
This photo is of the 8 year old Schnauzer from above.  It was taken after the
Teeth Cleaning and shows a considerable difference in color and in overall
healthiness of the mouth.


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