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Spaying Your Pet


We highly recommend having your female dog or cat spayed for so many reasons.  When your pet is spayed it helps protect them against deadly diseases such as Pyometra and Mammary Tumors. Spaying your pet also helps with controlling overpopulation.When your pet is spayed it is a complete removal of the Ovaries and the Uterus, making is impossible for your female pet to become pregnant.  This surgery is done while your pet is under Anesthesia.

Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork -  When we are going to do any sort of surgery on your pet we highly recommend doing bloodwork beforehand.  We pull the blood the night before and send it off to our out of office laboratory (this is cheaper for you) and the results are returned at 8 am the following morning.  This bloodwork determines whether or not your pet is healthy enough to undergo Anesthetic and proceed with the surgery.

 While your pet is in surgery they are hooked up to a Vital Scan Monitoring System.  This monitors their heart rate, the oxygenation of their blood, their respiratory rate, their temperature, and their blood pressure.  Not only is this machine monitoring them but we have a Veterinary Technician or Assistant there at all times monitoring the machine and your pet.

 When your pet is spayed at The Connersville Veterinary Clinic, the procedure is done in the morning.  They will be continuously monitored in our treatment area for the remainder of the day and also over night.  We have a Doctor that comes into the clinic throughout the night that checks on every surgery patient to make sure they are doing well.  Your pet will then go home the following day. Dogs will be sent home with pain and inflammation medication while cats will be given an injection after surgery that will continue to help with pain for an extended amount of time.

We recommend having your pet spayed at 4 months of age.  This is so they dont even have the opportunity to go into a heat cycle (usually their first cycle is at 6 months).  Every time a female cat or dog goes into a heat cycle their hormones change, making it a step closer to potentially developing a pyometra or mammary tumors.

We spay our pets to allow them to have a longer healthier life, to prevent against deadly diseases and keep the population of unwanted puppies and kittens lower.  

If you have any questions or concerns about spaying your pet please dont hesitate to contact us at 765-825-9620. 


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