Connersville Veterinary Clinic

808 East County Road 250S
Connersville, IN 47331






  • Please have your pet at our Clinic between 8am and 9am on the day of their Surgery.  We also allow drop off the night before Surgery as long as the Clinic is open for regular business hours
  • No food after 9 pm the evening Prior to Surgery. For Example: If your pet is having Surgery Tuesday morning.  We ask that you withhold food at 9pm on Monday Evening.  If you think that just 1 treat wont hurt that morning after they come in from using the bathroom... please reconsider.  It is very important that your pets stomach is empty when they are being Anethetized.
  • Your pet is allowed to have water all the way up until they come into our Clinic for their Surgery.
  • When bringing your pet in for Surgery please allow at least 5 to 10 minutes so you can come into an Exam Room and speak to the Technician or Assistant that will be helping with the Surgery that day.  This also gives you the opportunity to express any unease or concerns you may be having in regards to your pets Surgery.
  • Your pets Surgery will be performed that morning.  They will be given a complete physical before Surgery, after and the following morning as well.  They are kept in the Hospital Room where they can be monitored before and after Surgery.
  • While under Anesthetic they are hooked up to a Vital Scan Monitoring System that monitors Heart Rate, Oxygenation of Blood, Respiratory Rate, Temperature and Blood Pressure.  We also have our Technician / Assistant monitoring throughout the entire Surgery as well.  After the Surgery is performed your pet is administered injections for pain and an antibiotic.
  • We require your pet to stay overnight with us when we perform most Surgeries.  



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