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Microchipping Your Pets!!


Here at the Connersville Veterinary Clinic we offer Microchipping!  One of our Microchips is just a little bigger then a grain of rice.


Size of the microchip in comparison to a grain of rice

When your pet is implanted with the Microchip, the pet owner is then given a form to complete.  Our Clinic will then Register your pets Microchip for the first year.  Once the Microchip is registered it then carries vital information.  This includes your name, address, and contact information, as well as the alternate contact information in case the company is not able to contact you. 

If your pet has a Microchip, there is a greater possibility that they will find their way back home if they become lost.  Every pet that comes into our Clinic that has been "Found" is scanned for a Microchip.  We have a Universal Microchip Scanner.  That means, even if the pet has a Microchip from another Company other then HomeAgain (which is the Microchip Company we use here at the Clinic), it will still give us the Chip Number!

Microchip Scanner

This is the type of Universal Scanner used at our Clinic


These Microchips contain a number that can be looked up through the company in which they are distributed.  For example, a Home Again microchip has the number:

985 121 011 338 805

When this number comes up on our Scanner we are able to call the Microchip Company and obtain the information needed to contact you and let you know your pet has been found.  With the Home Again Microchip if you continuously update your Registration ($17.99 a year), if your pet were to become lost, they would send out Flyers with your pets name, picture, location, etc. to all surrounding Veterinary Clinics and Shelters.  Now even if you forget to Register that year, all your information will still be in their system at Home Again, so if your pet is found we will still be able to contact you.  If you ever move or any of your contact information has changed it is very important to contact your Microchip company to update your information!


If you have any other questions about Microchips please contact us at the Connersville Veterinary Clinic at 765-825-9620



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