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Boarding and Daycare

Boarding and Daycare Boarding and Daycare 


If youre taking a trip and you cant bring your furry friend with you, we provide a safe and clean place for your pet to take their own Vacation!  Our trained staff is here to not only spoil your pet but to make sure they are taken care of in case there is a medical emergency. We have a Boarding Facility that is climate controlled.  This means if its cold outside our facility is heated, if it is hot outside it will be cool inside for them!  We provide Hills Science Diet food during their stay or if you'd prefer you can bring your pets food from home.  Its also a convenient time to have their nails trimmed or to schedule that Surgery you've been meaning to! Your pets get fresh food and water morning and evening.  They will be individually walked numerous times throughout the day as well as having fresh bedding in their Kennel with them. It is a nice feeling knowing that your pet is safe and well looked after, with a Veterinarian on hand at all times.  

We also offer daycare!  We completely understand the worry of leaving your pets at home while you are at work for 8+ hours.. we are here to help!  Right now we have 2 pets that come in everyday for Daycare!  Ziggy and Bentley would love to make new friends and show your pet how fun it is to have a job to go to everyday just like mom and dad!


Our Canine Friends Need:

- Parvo/Distemper                                               
- Leptospirosis  
- Rabies
- Kennel Cough

Our Feline Friends Need:

- Rabies Vaccination
- Panleukopenia, Rhinotracheitis, Calici
- Leukemia (not required, but is highly recommended)

*All Vaccinations must be current.  If CVC is not your regular Veterinary Clinic, proof of Vaccinations is required.  If you cannot provide proof of Vaccinations, they will be given when your pet is admitted into our Boarding Facility at full cost to you.*

We are also more then happy to distribute the medication that your pet needs while they stay with us!  We know that this can be a huge stressor to you while you're away and we want you to be rest assured that your pet and their daily medications will be taken care of!

If your pet is on a certain medication we ask that you print our Boarding Medications Form and fill it out!  This will let us know exactly what medications your pet takes and when they need to be given.  

Boarding Medication List


Ziggy - Christmas




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