Connersville Veterinary Clinic

808 East County Road 250S
Connersville, IN 47331


Mr Gray 

This handsome little guy was brought into the Clinic by one of our Clients.  She had found him in a church parking lot and he wasnt walking well.. So we did X-Rays and found out that he had a broken Tibia (Leg).  After extensive cage rest and tons of love from our employees, Mr. Gray found his Fur-Ever home!

One of our Employees absolutely fell in love with him.. Id see her wandering around cradling him like a baby!  And the best part is.. he would let her!  He loved the attention!  

He now has a home with a human friend and 2 canine companions! He runs around the house like nothing ever even happened to his leg!  

This was for sure a love at first Meow!